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Sponsorship & Exhibition

Why You Should Sponsor

Scientific Programme

Over the years, the International Symposium on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology (ISPNO) has become the premier global event aimed at advancing research, technology, and treatment for of children and young people diagnosed with brain and spinal cord tumours.

ISPNO 2016 Liverpool, will bring together expert professionals from around the world to present and discuss the latest advances in their research as well as important issues relevant to the care of children
and adolescents with central nervous system tumours.

The Liverpool programme will feature plenary and poster sessions, as well as an Education Day and specific Neurosurgery and Nursing streams.

There will be many exciting opportunities to learn from experts and for connect with each other for future collaborations.

Who will Attend the Conference?

This congress will have a broad appeal for all:

1. Regional and International Delegates from Developed and Developing Countries
2. Leading Decision-Makers and Researchers in the Field of Neuro-Oncology
3. Sub-specialties such as:

The Benefits

By partnering with ISPNO 2016 Liverpool through one or more of a variety of opportunities, your organisation will enjoy a range of benefits designed to highlight its shared commitment to our mission and bring your organisation to the attention of meeting participants.

The key benefits of sponsorship include: